About Chris

You know you need help getting organized, but where do you turn? There are so many systems out there to help you with productivity and time management that it’s confusing deciding which system will work for you. Maybe you have tried one, or a few, and for some reason, they just don’t stick. Let me help you, I’m Chris Nixon from Chris Nixon Coach, and I have a great 8-week program that puts the focus on you and your business.

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning systems. Time management, productivity, material management, continuous improvement, coaching, accountability, and more. I’m always looking for something to learn, and I get immense satisfaction and joy from helping people find their way in the complicated systems world.


After spending so many years learning so many systems, I discovered that the really good systems have basically the same underlying productivity principles, and they are tailored to the creator’s specific style. I’ve used bits from one system and pieces from another system to create a system that works for me. I started creating user-specific integrated systems for other people who were looking for something that would work for their individual business. It worked for them too! Now I want to offer my program to you!

I start with you. I work with you. I listen to you. I find out how you work, how you think, the systems you’ve used in the past, and what you want to accomplish moving forward. We will examine your highest priorities first and implement quick wins.

I will begin to teach you the principles in a practical order while together, we develop and implement your system that will work for your unique situation. Already have a planner or software that you like? No problem, we will integrate it. You won’t be left on your own. Follow up sessions are built-in to give you time to work with your system and then receive my support to fine-tune and work through any challenges along the way. I support you in creating your own document throughout the journey, a comprehensive productivity system owner’s manual to refer to forever.

Over the eight weeks, you and I get you organized. At the end of each day, you will know what needs to be done tomorrow. Your sleep will improve, your anxiety will go down, and that feeling of being overwhelmed every day will be gone because you will have a specially designed system that works for you.
These in-depth one-on-one coaching sessions will work for any business owner who struggles with productivity, time management & organization.  
Not only do you get eight one-on-one coaching sessions, but you get unlimited texting with me and, in case of emergencies, live calls.

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